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After playing the role of chef/patron of a highly acclaimed French restaurant in NW London for 17 years, Peter G. Simony left the trade in the 90s to concentrate on new marketing ideas. He discovered the "PromoCard Concept" in 1998 and has been continually developing it, the product and the company ever since.

Due to Peter's experience and understanding of the restaurant business, he initially used the PromoCard as a restaurant marketing tool. However, he soon realised the potential of the cards to help all other types of business.

The PromoCard is now used by firms across many industry sectors. Peter and his team support them with a wealth of information and advice, helping them boost their sales and awareness.

The PromoCard - it's a business card, but not as you know it!

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Peter heads up a team of experts and a network of professionals who provide design, copywriting, photography, marketing forecasts and print services. Whatever your budget, we ensure you always receive quality advice and quality cards. If you need some help with marketing your business please contact us.

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