PromoCard Marketing Concept

To catch more customers you have to be good at ‘fishing’ and the
more tempting the ‘hook’ the better the ‘catch’

The ‘hook’ – PromoCard mini-presentations combine carefully constructed
information with eye catching design to lure:

• Website Visits
• New inquiries
• Repeat sales
• New referrals

‘Fishing’ further –check out PromoCard ‘blind-spot’ marketing technique, a
simple proven way of increasing the amount of recommended business recieved

A PromoCard fits into a wallet – is easy to handout – and promotes your
business in moments.

Examples of typical content;

• key product and service messages
• displays facilities and map location
• awards, testimonials and reviews
• price list, loyalty and appointment card
• tear-off section for promotions and gathering information

The Flexible promotional tool which:

• acts as a reminder for repeat sales when given to customers with a receipt
   or return of credit card.

• enhances recommendations in the hands of happy customers.

• are an ideal handout for;

  — networking
  — given away at conferences
  — given away at exhibitions
  — cross-promoting with other business
  — displayed in POS dispensers
  — inclusion in direct mail correspondence
  — inclusion with invoices
  — scattering at corporate or social functions

• can replace larger more costly leaflets

Remember!       ‘a picture paints 1000 words’
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