Card in hand

Your PromoCard provides you with a “Mini Presentation” that instantly delivers your message, shows information, tells your story, introduces basic facts and shows testimonials –
a hook for more information!

Your Promocard

  • Complements or replaces larger, more expensive brochures.
  • Enables potential customers to look inside and “get a feel of” a business.
  • Shows location maps and draws attention to various facilities.
  • Is good for loyalty schemes, special events, promotions and "data collection"

It can be:

Marketing Concept Marketing Blind Spot
  • Used as an appointment card, with a price list
  • Posted out with products, invoices, quotes and statements
  • Offered to customers with receipts or when returning credit cards
  • Used to cross-promote with other businesses by using dispensers left in strategic places
  • Used at conferences, exhibitions, weddings, parties

When used instead of a traditional business card in everyday business situations PromoCards work harder for you and your business.

Could a PromoCard be the 2nd Most Powerful Networking Tool?


When you use PromoCards as business cards they can have a real advantage over other marketing materials. For example, when you’re “networking”, it may not be possible or appropriate to start pulling out brochures or other materials. However, it’s easy to pull out a PromoCard from a wallet or purse in a natural way, as one would a business card. Your PromoCard not only indicates who you are; more importantly it can show what you do and why people should do business with you.

Women networking Networking
  • "A picture paints 1000 words"
  • The brain remembers "colour and images" much more easily than words alone.
  • Paradoxically, it is also said that "Documentation beats Conversation" - for credibility..
  • So why not have all the essential elements together on one effective PromoCard, “even testimonials” if appropriate?